True Mobile & Cloud Architecture

Run the Entire Store in Your Hand

Receive Immediate and Real-Time

Unlimited Data from the Cloud

Perform Any Function

Whether In-Store or

View and Interact

with Information Easily and Flexibly

Put the whole store in your hands

Get in contact with all your operational points

Teamwork Retail offers a truly mobile; truly cloud architecture that allows retailers the freedom to retail their way. Retailers now have access to immediate, real-time, unlimited data at their fingertips. Providing them with all the tools they need to effectively manage their operations from any point, whether they need to access information from their headquarters, warehouse, stores, online or even their customers. Teamwork Retail is the first point of sale solution that offers the consumer as an operational point, improving the customer experience and your ability to serve your customers faster.

Designed for emerging retailers

Grow your business and customer engagement

Emerging retailers today deserve the same level of customer service as the big box retailers with the technology they have. Teamwork Retail provides the same experience, but without the big box price ticket. This new technology architecture provides the retailer with flexibility while also providing all the information one would need to run a business effectively all from the palm of your hand. This truly mobile solution will work with you to grow your business and customer engagement.

Exciting new technology architecture

View your customers as operational points

Teamwork Retail started building this architecture from the ground up beginning with the cloud, knowing that within the cloud the user would have access to an unlimited data network with immediate real-time updates. From there they opened the cloud up to all operational points of contact, the headquarters, the warehouse, the stores, the website and now – even the customers. Customers have access to online purchases; reward programs, memberships and more, thus, making them their own unique operational point. This is just one reason why Teamwork Retail is so vastly different from any other POS software in its class.

Leverage your technology to build your brand

We are living in the information age, where data should be accessible at any place or time. Now that Teamwork Retail created architecture built from the cloud, with all operational points accessible, the features and functions are built around that structure. This allows the retailer mobility to use all the fancy bells and whistles, like analytics and reporting, but without traditional barriers, leveraging the behavior and technology consumers are already using to build their brand and interact with you both in-store and on-line. Thus creating a seamless, easy and transparent approach to managing your business successfully.

Experience Teamwork Retail

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