Teamwork Retail Features

Teamwork Retail features

Have an integrated solution

Teamwork Retail was designed starting with the cloud, then incorporating all the features and functions of a point of sale and retail management solution around that platform. This creates a seamless environment for retailers to thrive and grow their business. Retailers can now search for all open vendors, ASN’s, PO’s and pull the items they need directly from the device.

Other companies can do this as well but with clunky and expensive solutions. Most big box retailers spend fortunes integrating their solutions to fit their other third party vendor needs, whereas Teamwork Retail has everything already integrated into their system. This is built into the application so the emerging retailer has the same capabilities all in one application.

Teamwork Retail mobile solutions

Run the entire store from your mobile device

Teamwork Retail allows the retailer to operate all aspects and areas of business, including the headquarters, the warehouse and the store, from a truly mobile, cloud-based architecture. This is the first POS solution that allows the retailer the freedom of running their entire store from the palm of their hand.

Access all operational points from the cloud

No longer will technology architecture get in the way of the business, because Teamwork Retail utilizes the cloud and has access to all operational points, you can now have the ability to function whether or not you’re online. The consumer has so much technology in their hands today and they are driven by the apps and technology they use, this is a perfect example on how you can leverage this technology to build upon your brand, without having to fight to choose between doing that in-store or on-line only.

Make use of the Cloud

Receive information from all operational points

Teamwork Retail started with the cloud. Knowing that within the cloud, the retailer would have access to immediate, real-time, unlimited data at their fingertips. This is essential for businesses today as change is constant. Through this truly unique and true-cloud solution, the retailer is able to access all operational points; the headquarters, the warehouse, stores, website and even the customers! This provides security, knowing that your information is stored in a safe and easily accessible environment. All while being in a centralized location where you can quickly and easily view your store at-a-glance.

Fast, easy-to-use approach to retailing

Imagine using your iPad to look up an item of clothing, from there you can find out where that item is located within your company and have the option on where to sell it – in-store, which location, on-line, etc. edit the description, images, and price & even publish this new information straight to your website. Creating a seamless, fast, easy-to-use approach to retailing.

Teamwork Retail SaaS

No longer be reliant on third party vendors

Software as a Service is still a new and strange concept for most retailers. Teamwork Retail is designed as an all-inclusive software solution where it is not reliant on third party vendors to supply the normal features & functions of retailing. Teamwork Retail was built around the cloud, with all features inside of this unlimited network. This creates a seamless environment for businesses to thrive.

Reduce up-front costs

One of the many benefits Teamwork Retail provides is the reduction of up front costs. Moreover, you can re-assign devices, as needed, to assist you during the busy holiday seasons without spending more money adding another station. SaaS provides a sense of ease to retailers in that you don’t have to reinvest in the software constantly because updates become available to you immediately upon release. SaaS is a continually evolving product without expensive upgrade costs. Teamwork Retail gives emerging retailers the same technology advances and a similar customer experience as the big box retailers but without a big box price ticket.

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