Management Software

The ideal retail Management Solution

Keep your store current

Teamwork Retail is the ideal retail management software for emerging retailers who want to keep their store current. Having access to all operational points of business provides a flexible experience for both the retailer and the customer. No longer will you have to run multiple applications to have access to your products or services, whether they are stationed at your headquarters, warehouse, and multiple stores or online. This allows the retailer the freedom to retail their way without restrictions and be able to leverage their brand through a truly mobile solution.

Retail Analytics

Easily view and interact with your analytics

When it comes to information, there is never enough valuable information that a retailer needs to run their operations successfully. There are many ways to view and interact with the information available within a retail system, the question becomes; how easy and how fast can a retailer get and adjust that information? Teamwork Retail offers the full suite and full power of analytics on an iPod or an iPad giving the retailer what they need, at their fingertips.

Adapt to business changes faster

With Teamwork Retail, because of the basic architecture, a retailer can view unlimited information, immediately. From basic reporting to mobile dashboards, comparative analysis and data mining, Teamwork Retail allows a retailer to view and interact with their information easily and flexibly, in the back office or on a mobile device, so decisions can be made straightaway and the business can adapt quickly to changes.

Retail Management

Customers expect more personal service

In order for retailers to manage their business successfully in this ever-changing technological landscape, their software has to be as fluid and evolving as their customers. Mobile savvy customers demand for an improved shopping experience. Everyone with a smartphone has become accustomed to the efficiency of mobile apps. Consumers expect more personal service, faster transactions and greater convenience.

Retailers must respond by enhancing the buying experience through mobile POS hardware, devices and apps that deliver new value-added services and faster transaction times and all while continuing to reduce operating costs and POS floor space requirements, as well as improving much needed and sought after customer analytics.

Get the freedom to retail your way

Teamwork Retail allows unlimited growth potential in that it is constructed utilizing the cloud, a vast data network capable of change and producing real-time data. Ever evolving, Teamwork Retail can reduce the cost of in-house IT and can cut the costs in half of hardware and infrastructure, while allowing the retailer the freedom they need to run their unique business.

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