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State-of-the-art development

Teamwork Retail leverages state-of-the-art development, resources and history that are responsible for running well over 100,000 stores on their retail management technology. The vision has always been to keep everything within the Teamwork Retail architecture, which interweaves through all of the operational points of the business, not in third party tools, thus giving the retailer a truly integrated solution that is easily adaptable to changes.

Marketing with Teamwork Retail

Leverage your technology

Customers are already using technology and their behavior is driven by the apps they use. Now, Teamwork Retail allows the retailer to leverage the same technology in their stores to build their brand.

Help your employees sell more

With Apps like customer loyalty and membership, in-store advertising through e-receipts and an interactive customer display, and digital signage, Teamwork Retail allows the retailer to show off their products and helps employees sell more through engaging interaction, all while improving the experience for both the customer and the retailer.

What is the Amazon problem?

How to compete with Amazon

Amazon is a giant that gives the consumer an experience that few do. Amazon has the ability to provide great pricing, critical product information including customer reviews, and delivers all of this within a short period of time. This has become the new standard for customer service and many retailers do not realize that Amazon is their competitor.

Retailers who cannot provide this level of customer service will run into problems in the future. The ability to provide this type of experience has not been available for emerging retailers until now…

We live in the information age

Teamwork Retail allows emerging retailers the opportunity to offer a similar customer service experience, not before possible for boutique retailers. Retailers can seamlessly bring their stores on-line and because the Teamwork Retail Architecture uses mobility to plug into the power of the cloud, it gives all of the operational points of contact; such as the warehouse, the store and the customer, unlimited, immediate access to all information we have come to expect in this information age.

Customer Engagement

Todays Modern Retailer

Today it is all about Customer Engagement and what a retailer can do to make the experience seamless for the customer, whether in-store or on-line. Teamwork Retail offers a true cloud, true mobile, suite of apps that allow the retailer to offer current technology to provide unlimited, immediate data access to all operational points of contact; including the warehouse, the store and the customer, giving consumers what they expect from today’s modern retailer.

Freedom for the consumer

From kiosks to VIP and lifestyle memberships to customer loyalty and modern payments, Teamwork Retail offers it, all deployed from a local database, so the system architecture cannot get in the way of the business operations or more importantly the customer experience.

With Teamwork Retail, the consumer has the freedom to choose how they want to purchase and the retailer has the freedom to offer those possibilities.

Why One Step Retail Solutions?

Top-Ranked Service Provider

One Step Retail Solutions ranks as one of the top service providers for some of the most comprehensive retail POS software in the industry and is a trusted and authorized business partner of Teamwork Retail.

Servicing Retailers since 1985

Serving retailers across the country with POS solutions since 1985, we offer a wealth of knowledge about the industry and have one of the largest, most experienced POS help desks in the United States.

Industry Experience

The majority of our staff came from retail themselves, with over 250 years of combined retail experience and offices stretching across the U.S. This allows us to serve as consultants to our clients no matter where they are located.

Innovative Approach to Retailing

We stay current on technology trends so you don’t have to

As your retail technology service provider, it is our job to stay current on retail technology industry trends so you don’t have to. Offering SaaS, Cloud Hosting and Managed Services, Digital Signage, Loss Prevention, eReceipts, Mobile, eCommerce, Customer Loyalty and more, One Step Retail Solutions allows the retailer to take a unique approach to managing their stores while also feeling reassured that they are keeping current with trends and are just as technologically savvy as their customers.

Customized Training Programs

Maximize Your ROI

One of the most common problems retailers face today is not having been trained properly to use their systems, therefore, they are unable to make a proper return on investment because they aren’t utilizing the software to it’s full capacity.

Dedicated Customer Service

One Step Retail offers many different customized training programs to get your system fully functional, along with a dedicated Business Analyst to train your staff and answer all your questions.

Everything in One Place

Consider us to be your business partner

Consider One Step Retail Solutions to be your business partner. We are consultants at heart and are here to assist independent retailers thrive throughout the United States.

We’re Here For You

One of the major benefits of working with One Step is our vast options and knowledge of products, services and solutions. We offer free consolations, demos and regular webinars to keep our customers abreast of industry trends while providing solutions to many major retailer issues, like the Amazon juggernaut and how to operate in a true omni-channel environment. One Step’s main goal is to provide all the resources an independent retailer would need to run a successful, unique, technologically up-to-date business.

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